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                                "In the realm of the Spirit, time stands still." C.S. Lewis
MYSTIC STREET: MEDITATIONS ON A SPIRITUAL PATH  (330 pages, 40 black & white photos;  ISBN: 13:978-2-89507-902-6).  Novalis, 2007

Life is a journey of faith and wonder, an odyssey of the heart.  Join author S.T. Georgiou for a walk along Mystic Street as he shares spiritual and contemplative experiences that reveal the power of grace in our everyday lives.  Deeply inspirational and renewing, these Christian-based meditations recharge the soul and illuminate our passage in an increasingly complex world.

Mystic Street centers on the author’s spiritual experiences while pursuing his graduate degrees in theology.  He demonstrates how lessons of the heart are not only learned inside the classroom, but especially outside.  In these uplifting vignettes, both the ordinary and the extraordinary, the visible and invisible intersect.  A fascinating book filled with hope, life, light, and a marvelous sense of serendipity.

"The spirituality of the Orthodox tradition suffuses these pages, intuitions that are woven together with the lessons he learned from Robert Lax, and from Lax's writings.  Mystic Street seamlessly combines Georgiou's own spiritual history with the place in which he lives and works...  The book is a generous account of the author's faithful engagement with the Christian tradition. In it we see how one beautiful life can influence another."
- Lawrence Cunningham, Booknotes, Commonweal 

"Mystic Street is filled with many powerful interreligious insights.  Each chapter is meant to be slowly savored and reflected on."
- David Ian Miller, columnist of "Finding My Religion," San Francisco Chronicle
"A beautiful spiritual tapestry.  The reader will be transfigured by the insights of Georgiou, who draws from the richness of Eastern Orthodoxy."
- His Eminence Metropolitan Nikitas, Director of the Patriarch Athenagoras Orthodox Institute, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley

"A refreshing and rewarding spirit-trek.  Sweepingly inspirational and ecumenical.  A contemplative treasure."
- Dr. Jane Dillenberger, founder of the Religion and Art Program, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley 

Mystic Street transfigures the ordinary.  An excellent companion to The Way of the Dreamcatcher, the author’s groundbreaking book on Robert Lax.”
- Jonathan Montaldo,
The Merton Institute For Contemplative Living

"A charming collection of images and reflections.  Often touching, sometimes deeply moving, each chapter is a meditation that is, in its own way, fresh, arresting, and wise."
- Living Spirituality Network, London

"A helpful guide to anyone on the spiritual quest."
- Michael Shackleton, The Southern Cross, South Africa

Mystic Street is published by Novalis of Toronto and is distributed in the United States through 23rd Publications /Bayard 1-877-944-5844.
For bookstore orders:  1-800-321-0411, Ext. 151.
Mystic Street is also available on Amazon and through the author.