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                                "In the realm of the Spirit, time stands still." C.S. Lewis
(120 pages; ISBN: 0-933999-38-0).  Phanes Press, 1995.

The Last Transfiguration traces the spiritual journey of St. Augustine (354-430), focusing especially on the role that the metaphysical symbol of light played in his life and in many of the religious teachings of his age.  Georgiou bases many of his insights on the Confessions, Augustine's most well-known and inspirational book.

Throughout the history of humanity's long quest for spiritual truth, the twin images of light and darkness have enriched many traditions.  In Christianity, light plays an integral role from the first light of Genesis, to the angels of light and darkness who dwell in unseen realms, and the announcement that Jesus would become "the Light of the world."  To Augustine, light was first and foremost a metaphor for spiritual illumination; he pursued it actively all his life, and endlessly explored the permutations of light imagery.

By building his study of Augustine around this central image, S.T. Georgiou helps modern readers better understand the illustrious theologian's search for spiritual enlightenment.  This informative and engaging study should appeal to all students of philosophy, theology, and mysticism.

"Georgiou shows Augustine to be a great spiritual psychologist; as such, it is a much needed bridge between the root theology of the Catholic Church and the contemporary search for practical spirituality."
- Jacob Needleman, Professor of Philosophy and World Religions, San Francisco State University

"The author admirably charts the long and arduous course which Augustine felt compelled to follow in his quest for full illumination in the Christian faith.  With singular skill, Georgiou clarifies, indeed, almost justifies some of the more complex and perplexing enigmas of the renowned saint."

- Reverend Leonidas Contos, Past Director of the Patriarch Athenagoras Center, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley

"The Last Transfiguration illuminates the spiritual journey of St. Augustine in a manner that is both perceptive and original."
- Bishop Kallistos Ware of Diokleia

NOTE:  The Last Transfiguration is no longer in print, however copies remain available on Amazon and through the author.